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 Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and Microsoft Office Programming
A comprehensive workflow and transaction management database system
The Manuscript Management Database is a comprehensive workflow and transaction management system for the journal publication system. The program tracks all the journal manuscripts, authors, titles, reviewers, schedules, evaluations, management controls and reports. The authors and reviewers are spread over several countries.
The database application was developed with Microsoft Access as a major migration project. Major benefits of the system include significantly enhanced ease of use, high productivity, low training requirements, reliable performance, comprehensive data validation, advanced report generation and automated management controls. The database system integrates seamlessly with MS-Windows based enterprise wide data processing systems.
Different Modules of this system are as follows:
Module 1 : Manuscript
This module is used to store, modify and search Manuscript information including the Main Author, Corresponding Author and Additional Author information.

Module 2 : Reviewer

This module is used to store, modify and search Reviewer information and show status of Reviewer, previous reviewing history of Reviewer and information of Late Reviewer

Module 3 : Transaction

This module is used to store, modify and search transaction information of all manuscripts i.e., information of Reviewers assigned to review a manuscript including assigned date, due date, return date, recommendation, manuscript status, publishing language, volume information etc.

Module 4 : Letter Generation

This module is used to generate letters to Authors and Reviewers automatically. Here one can select one or more Authors and Reviewers and then select any predefined type of letter and then the system will automatically generate letter in MS Word. The Author and Reviewer information will come from the database. In MS Word, one can edit, delete any text by just using MS Word facility and may be saved in the database, mailed to specific Authors or Reviewers. There are 85 templates to generate 85 different letters.

Module 5 : Reports

This module is used to generate either simple or complex reports for management decision-making. The system can generate 40 different Reports.

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