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Sales and Inventory Management System is a Transcontinental Institutional Network can operate in several countries and several hundred Medical Schools. A major database application, the Sales and Inventory Management System, was developed for a large organization that provides Books and Medical instruments to the South and Central American Countries. The system coordinates/manages the whole sales and It has three sub-systems running in three different levels of the organization:

1. Headquarters Version

2. Second Level

3. Third Level 

    (Running in several medical schools around several countries) 


This is an off-line Inventory management system. Books and Medical Instruments are sold in Medical Schools and the Monthly Sales reports are accumulated in the second level and then sent to the Headquarters. Monthly Reports (an MS Access data file) are sent electronically by emails to the second level. The system then updates information. At the end of the month all second level offices send the Monthly Sales/inventory Report (MS Access data file) to the Headquarters and the information is updated. This System at the the Headquarter level generates 70 Reports.

 Headquarter Version

The Headquarter version coordinates all warehouses and sales as well as prepares Accounting reports of the whole system. Headquarter consists of several modules.


Order to Warehouse (Shipment)


Purchase Order
Exchange Rates
Reference Disk 



Second Level

The user interface of PWR program is translated in Spanish language. It also coordinates/manages books and equipment shipped to medical schools under that country. All second level office works as a warehouse, books can be shipped from the Country headquarter to different schools and from one school to another school within that country. The System generates 48 reports for the Second Level.


 PWR version has several modules like Headquarter version. Such as Sales/Inventory, Movement, Transfer, Shipment, Invoice and proforma, Reports, Queries and a Label generation module.

Third Level   

 A school is the smallest unit. Schools receive books/medical instruments from the PWR (Country headquarter). Books are sold among Medical students in installments. It also manages all the financial records including Employee Bonus, deposits, sales, inventories etc. The System generates 31 Reports for the Third Level for the Sales and Inventory Management System.


Like PWR version it has several modules. Such as Sales/Inventory, 

Invoice & Proforma, Base Files, Reports, Queries.


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