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Web Database built with ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, HTML, DHTML

Database : MS Access/MS SQL Server

This web database program is developed for the Office of the Head of the organization or the Country coordinator of an International organization.. The office of the Director coordinates and supports the formulation, monitoring, and evaluation of the technical cooperation country programs and supervises the representatives' offices  


Coordinates the Representatives Meetings. Articulates normative functions and technical cooperation among global, regional, sub regional, and country levels.


This program maintains all of these activities. The program facilitates the authorized users to add delete, update the schedules. Assistant Director's office can track the following activities through this web database:


It can maintain:

Meetings (Minutes & Agenda)
Country Holidays

Visit of Heads of Mission, Representatives Country Official to other



All Transfer of officials     

Annual & Sick Leave 

Director's Travel Calendar 

Director's Activities Calendar

Travel Calendar

Sub Regional Managers Meetings including Schedule, Agenda, and   

   Minutes, Hotel Accommodations

Different kinds of Official Documents like Leave Form, Award Form,   
   Audit Report and Technical Documents.
 Guidelines for Meetings/Projects  

Development Plans and Budget   

A customized Questionnaire that can be edited or create new   


The headquarter or other representative offices can view the status of these schedules and edit their related information.

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